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Solomon Grundy is a poem and traditional nursery rhymes dating back to the 19th century England.<br> <br> The Solomon Grundy poem is telling the story of Solomon Grundy, a man who, metaphorically, lives and dies his entire life in one single week. Born on Monday, each day of the week he is growing older facing a different stage of his life, and his life ends on Saturday.<br> <br> <br> <br> Solomon Grundy - Rhyme<br> <br> <br> <br> Solomon Grundy Born on a Monday <br> <br> Christened on Tuesday <br> <br> Married on Wednesday<br> <br> Took ill on Thursday Grew <br> <br> worse on Friday <br> <br> Died on Saturday <br> <br> Buried on Sunday.<br> <br> That was the end Of Solomon Grundy.<br> <br> <br> <br> Who wrote Solomon Grundy poem?<br> <br> It was first collected by James Orchard Halliwell and published in 1842<br> <br> What happened to Solomon Grundy on Thursday?<br> <br> Solomon Grundy Took ill on Thursday.<br> <br> Long version of Solomon Grundy Rhyme?<br> <br> Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, Christened on a stark and stormy Tuesday, Married on a grey and grisly Wednesday, Took ill on a mild and mellow Thursday, Grew worse on a bright and breezy Friday, Died on a grey and glorious Saturday, Buried on a baking, blistering Sunday. That was the end of Solomon Grundy.